Healthcare Providers

Today’s busy providers need to find new ways to connect with their patients. Having access to a secure, complete patient history in a single view is the first step on the path to interoperability, connected care, higher productivity and improved patient outcomes.

Transforming the Provider Journey

  • 50+ years of delivering healthcare IT
  • 100 million electronic health records maintained
  • 15,000 healthcare and life sciences professionals
  • 1 million+ users of software and systems products
  • 8 of 8 healthcare companies in the Global Fortune 500 are BizLence clients

Featured Case Studies

AiR Healthcare Solutions

"Bizlence Health360™ Care Coordination in the Microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to assess and risk-stratify larger populations, engage people in need, personalize care plans and make a lasting difference in the lives and well-being of families."

University-wide code repository

Rajeev Health Data Authority

"With our health data platform, we can make aggregated data available to physicians and thereby deliver true actionable insights to drive quality enhancements in all healthcare processes and pathways."

University-wide code repository

Ministry of Heath Brenui

"The system enables the clinics and hospitals to operate more efficiently and effectively to meet our patients’ expectations."

University-wide code repository

Loyal Popworth Hospital NHS iversity of Sydney

"Lorenzo provides us with a new patient administration system, clinical documentation and also electronic prescribing and medicines administration — really, a system that touches everything we do."

University-wide code repository

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